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Belly Massage for Optimizing Health

Wednesday, December 21, 2016 10 AM - 4 PM $100.00

Curious about the Health of Your Belly?

Learn about your viscera and how they contribute to your health and well-being.

A one day exploration of your body designed to empower you to improve your digestive and regenerative health by connecting to a deeper understanding of how you can help your body to heal.

By opening the flows of the circulatory, lymphatic, nervous and fascial systems, you can let the intelligence of your body work its magic.

Your body is fully capable of regulating, healing and repairing itself. It was designed to do just that! When our flows are not able to flow, our organs can vibrate to their healthy level.

Learn how to free them up so you can be an assist rather than a hindrence when you attempt to silence their very important messages that guide you to fulfill your life purpose.

What if ...... our organs are alive?  To be "classified" as living in scientific terms, an organism needs to maintain homeostasis, possess a capacity to grow, reproduce, respond to stimuli and adapt to its environment through changes originating internally. 

            Even our blood is a living organism!  It is a constant flux of updating its chemical composition as it interacts with cells, receives chemical messages, and rebuilds itself. The heart monitors the blood through sensory neurons that make subtle second to second shifts in blood flow. 

            It maintains homeostasis: maintains a relatively constant body temperature and pH

            It possesses a capacity to grow: red blood cells reproduce and recycle its components every 4 months, platelets every 6-7 days and white blood cells every day!

            It responds to stimuli (bacteria, parasites, invasions, punctures, even shots!)

            It adapts to its environment through changes originating internally: changing its components to maintain homeostasis.

If you perceived of your organs as alive and intelligent, how would this change your view of your organs?   Modern medical approaches treat our body organs as if they are machine parts that can wear out and need to be surgically or medicinally improved upon.  But what if they are very much ALIVE and incredibly intelligent?

Perceptions alter the way we view and respond to our world.   Consider the differences between    sunrise/sunset ~  sun sight/sun eclipse and   antibiotic (against life) ~ probiotic (for life). Western cultures perceive the self as an "I", but what if we are actually a we?  Not only in the macro sense as human beings in a world of creation, but in the micro sense as our bodies: what if we understood that all our cells, tissues and organs have intelligence (by definition of being alive) and are interdependent?

From a microbiologist's point of view, Homo sapiens is not an individual but, rather, a super-organism consisting of a variety of human microbiota.  Together, these microbiota consisting of over 700 species, constitute an independent organ that weighs about 4.4 pounds, is heavier than the brain and has a biochemical activity comparable to the liver.   36% of the molecules in human blood consist of bacteria that process vegetable sugar molecules. Other microbiota aid in our digestion, maintain pH balance, prevent proliferation and maintain diversity of bacteria, metabolize undigested fiber into all but two of the essential fatty acids, neutralizes acid, and produces vital nutrients such as synthesis of folic acid, vitamin K and biotin, and produces antibodies.

Now consider this: cells and tissues are constantly dying and being replaced.

98% of all atoms in our bodies are replaced yearly.

Virtually every cell in our body is replaced EVERY 6 YEARS! 

BLOOD CELLS: Our red blood cells are recycled and replaced every 4 months, platelets every 6-7 days, and white blood cells every day!

BONES:  Our bones are constantly tearing down and building up as they store and release minerals.

BRAIN: We get new brain cells every year.

These cells and tissues make up our organs; our organs are constantly being replaced with fresh new cells.    

Our bodies have the power to REGENERATE!

Environmental signals can change our DNA.  Our cells are bathed in a fluid medium very sensitive to electric, magnetic, and chemical signals from within and without its environment - just as our "I" is.  These environmental signals include feelings and thoughts.

         “Every thought creates 50,000 chemical reactions in the body” (Chopra).

And these thoughts and feelings have a direct route to DNA. The Institute of Heartmath did an experiment with placental DNA.  28 researchers were given a vial of placental DNA and found that the sample changed shape according to its researcher's feelings.  With positive emotions, the DNA "responded by relaxing, the strands unwound and actually lengthened."  With negative emotions, the DNA "tightened up, became shorter, and even switched off many of its codes."  When researchers felt positive emotion again, the “codes switched back on.”

Imagine this: We get new raw material for DNA ever 6 weeks.  But how often do we get new thoughts?

Our organs have a direct relationship to emotional states.  “I feel it in my gut.”  "It knocked the breath out of me." "I've got a sinking feeling." "That's sickening."  Other idioms?

Negative thoughts can be the root cause of destructive stress responses and can have a direct route to the DNA.   “Your thoughts and words are literally made into flesh,” inspires Chopra, “Every experience has an impact on your biology.  Feeling, sensation, and thought immerse our cells in a primordial world of experience, continuously directing the development of the mind.”   Your biography becomes your biology.

Cells are microcosms of the human body: they are equipped with respiratory systems, excretory systems, digestive systems, immune systems, nervous systems, etc. Humans have over 50 trillion cells living in community.  These individual cells synchronize ("entrain") with other like "minded" cells as they move into proximity with other cells, self-organizing into a whole (the organ) that is more than the sum of its parts.

As these aggregates of cells join they become supremely able to sense extremely weak electric fields making our organs hyper-sensitive transmitters and receivers of emotions, and are fully equipped with neurons that link it to the brain. 

Knowing this, how does that affect your approach to your health?

Life is not just something that is happening to you; it is a miraculous unfolding that you are co-creating.